Gearing up towards fall now. I have 2 hives - one is a packed 6 medium super hive, one is a fairly struggling 4 medium super hive that was requeened with a Russian in late June but hasn't really taken off, altho it has built up.

The top super (#4) of struggling hive has remained completely empty, just built up frames that I had put in there.

So this is what I did. I took 4 capped and uncapped honey frames (with some capped brood on them) from the top super (#6) of the strong hive, and swapped them into the empty top super (#4) of the weaker hive. I also took a full capped brood frame from the strong hive (super #3) and put it in with the swapped honey frames in the weaker hive. So now the top super of the weaker hive, instead of being empty, has 4 frames of honey (with some packed brood) and one frame of full packed brood. I took the bees along with the frames.

I was thinking of just swapping the top super from the strong hive with the empty super of the struggling hive, but I was afraid an entire super of bees might maul the Russian queen? I was afraid to add too many foreign bees at one time, in case there were enough of them to put up a fight. Yes? No?

So now what should I do? Do I need to go back in and check the weaker hive and make sure it's populated enough and has enough honey in, say, another 3 weeks? Since the strong hive seems to have an excess of everything - brood and honey - should I just keep plopping them into the weaker hive, or do you think 5 swapped frames means enough is enough already.

Also, I have a new note taking system. I numbered the hives, the supers, and the frames on paper and jot down what each frame contains. The only problem is, I keep getting off count - I have 3 frames left, but my notes say 4. GRRRR. It's so distracting going thru the hives, it's hard to keep accurate count of which frame you're on. GRRR.