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    Default Moving Captured Swarm From Nuc to Hive

    As explained earlier this week, this past Monday I captured a swarm from one of my hives. The swarm is currently at home in a 2-story nuc. My new hive was delivered this morning, so I can move the swarm from the nuc into a one-box medium hive this weekend, if that's a good idea.

    I don't want to mess anything up with the swarm I caught, so my question is this: will it be timely and appropriate to move them from the nuc into the actual hive, with a proper bottom board, etc.?

    I also plan to add at least 1 frame of drawn comb from one of my other 2 hives, if it's available, to help support the fledgling swarm (which was pretty large).

    This is my first year as a beekeeper in Northwest Alabama, so I'm getting an early-lesson in advanced beekeeping.

    Thanks for your insights.

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    Default Re: Moving Captured Swarm From Nuc to Hive

    Wait until they have some brood capped on at least one frame.. If you transfer too early, they often will abscond. Should not be a problem in a two story nuc for another week, then move. Drawn comb is good, it gives them a head start.


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