Ok, so I want to go with the wax dipped boxes (supers and such) in the long run, but until I figure out how to get a boiling tank worth using I have some questions about protecting hives.

At first everything I read was saying no, but as I read more, I am seeing lots of folks paint both inside and outside of the boxes. So is it ok to paint the inside of the hives with a good high quality exterior paint.

Have seen some hive bodies in really bad shape that are not that old, but I have also seen some hives being built with scrap wood that is much more porous than pine. (heck I made some nucs from pallets scraps, but don't expect them to last). I am talking about purchased hive bodies made of pine from reliable sources.

Anyone feel free to give an opinion, but I am interested in folks that has more than say 40 hives or been doing this for more than 10 years want to give an opinion. Not being rude by saying this, just seems from my line of work, that experience/advice given by folks that have significant real experience seems to have parallels with what I see. Some of the weekend warriors have some really good advice that just don't hold water some times.