I was given a swarm in early July. It probably had 1000 bees. This is my first hive. I put it in a new deep, 10 frame hive body, with plastic foundation.
The bees immediately went to work building. I would open about once a week to check and was excited to see the progress. They were building pretty fast it seemed. After a few weeks it seemed like I had a lot more drones than my dads hive across town. I got to checking and could never find a queen and started looking at brood and it was a lot different than my dads hive also. It was all drone cell and had mutli larvae in cells. I came to conclusion I had a laying worker. My dad let me have a frame of brood and some nurse bees put them in hive hoping they would build a queen cell but, I had no luck. So, first week in August I bought a carnolian queen and installed her in hive bees ate her out of cage in a day and balled her outside hive, I rescued her and put her back in cage and replaced queen candy and they ate her out of cage in a day again and killed her. I ordered another queen at end of August and put her in cage with the hive and they seemed very aggressive and killed her nurse bees so I put her in a push cage and kept her there for 4 days and brushed all the bees out of hive about 100 yards from hive and then let her go. She is doing great and laying a lot of eggs but, now for my question..... I have very few bees probably less than 500 and I am afraid they will not make it through winter seems like they may have enough stores but not enough to stay warm. I see were people give them pollen patties to keep the queen laying but it cost more money. I am doing the sugar water to help, but do you guys have any suggestions and sorry for the long post just wanted u guys too know what time and effort I have invested. We usually freeze here about Oct. 31