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    Hi yall....I am new to this forum and am into backyard beekeeping 1.5 years.....and what an experience I have had. I love it and have so many questions...1 leads to another.

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    welcome Joan,
    I have even less time than you. I just started this July. I probably can't help you with anything, but one thing I can say about this forum is that the people are fantastic. I have gotten so much info, help, and support from here. The one thing I will recommend when asking about a condition of your hive, is definitely post a pic when applicable and possible. The people here are so thorough that generally they would be more comfortable answering with a visual aid available. I have gotten into the habit of bringing a camera with me to my hive for inspections. Also, I have a horrible eye for seeing eggs and larva, so I find if I snap a few pics, then when I get inside after my inspection, I can upload pix and zoom in. Just my $.02

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    Welcome Joan!


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