Alright, so I got a call from a lady the other day about some bees living above her second story window. I looked at the hive today and found that her house has cedar siding and is about 20 feet off the ground (she lives on a hill so it's higher than a standard two-story). Due to the height and the type of siding she has, I decided to do a trap out and merge the bees with my existing hive, or putting them in a new hive and letting them raise a new queen. I would like to trap-out the queen if I can, but it seems like that can be a hit or miss. I have an empty deep. Since the colony is so high up, I wanted to run a pvc pipe from the entrance of the colonly into my hive body. I will put a trap-out cone over the end of the pvc pipe within the deep to keep them from going back into the pipe. I also thought about putting a frame or two of brood and honey into the deep to try to keep them there. I have a few pictures of the colony in the house and I'll throw them up in a minute. Does anyone have any suggestions to this plan? Will it work? Can I get the queen? Thanks!