So I'm new to this whole hobby / farming-art; just to toss that out there.
I'll be getting started in Spring with some nucs, but I've been striving to learn all I can & while I, now, feel as if I have a decent-grasp of the basics, another thread has launched me into another facet of my investigating/learning/information-overload escapade here - monitoring hive health (and working out a way to document findings year-after-year in a logical way)

I seen Solomon's Survey of Mite Infestation In Drone & Worker Brood

And it led me to wonder, is there a list somewhere - or can we make a list here - of objective / raw data tests that can be performed in apiary, and fit within the realm of treatment-free?

My thinking is, the more raw data you can track personally, the clearer the bigger picture will become (and stay); I'm asking because beekeeping seems to be so localized that I wont be able to depend on others across the country to keep me on track & would like to build a sort of "profile" for my locale, over time. The major object is to compile information for my use, but to make it easier as well, for those that I some-day leave this all behind to.

Appreciate anything anyone can contribute