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    Default Making wax foundation

    How do people go about making their own wax foundation? This year I've been swapping out rite-cell foundation in my brood chambers with empty frames that are being drawn out as natural cell foundationless. This is not for any type of benefits that have been touted by TF beeks but more because I'm to cheap to buy rite-cell at 2$ a sheet for all of my supers so I'm hoping I can make wax foundation that I can put in deep supers and extract without the comb blowing out. I'm trying to expand my hive numbers and so I'm really wanting a way to make wax foundation that will be ridgid and at the same have a low turn around on production time. I don't want to spend a month making 1,000 sheets of foundation.

    Any suggestions?
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    Default Re: Making wax foundation

    Have you seen this in the POV section?

    Also an earlier thread:

    Note the link to photos in post #9.
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    Default Re: Making wax foundation

    if your paying 2.00 a sheet your paying to much.... try Mann lake


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