Have 2 more trees with bees inside them. Will try to look at them later this week. Bees have to go, the people have young grandkids that are climbing age and they have been letting them sort of run all over the back pasture. Both trees in the back pasture.

The trees are lined up to be removed with a trachoe with thumb and dumped on the burn pile to get rid of the bees in a week or two. So a trap out is not feasible. They want the bees gone.

What is the easiest method to locate the hive other than drilling into the tree.? I was thinking of falling the upper limbs and then just trying to split the tree with the chain saw. Not coming up with any good ideas without seeing the tree. Hope to visit them Friday.

If possible would like to get the colony and would likely requeen. Seeing too many aggressive bees around here. Really aggressive bees. Like 50+ on the vale at once trying to sting me. Hehehee it is getting fun.