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    Hi All-

    I'd love some feedback on the trap-out I just set. The homeowners wanted the traffic pattern of the bees lowered -- they were at head-height and the neighbors were really worried about getting stung in the face. They need to bees out to remove the (dead) tree - I realize I probably won't get the queen out unless I cut her out.

    I have one frame of open and sealed brood in the box. It's been 2 days and the few bees that have joined that hive have started building a queen cell. Meanwhile, most of the bees that are making it out of the hive in the tree are just gathering back up top where their entrance used to be.

    I saw this kind of trap-out at my local bee store - I realize that having the hive so far away is not ideal. I'm wondering if anyone has done it this way, or if you think this is just bound to fail.

    Thanks all!

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    KarenZ.... Send me an e-mail and I will send you instructions (with photos of traps in progress) that is a better system than this.


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    I am certainly no expert on trap outs but every thing I have seen always has the hive very close to the original entrance. Google Hogan trap out and watch his videos.


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