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    Default Swarm cells - horizontal location in brood nest?

    Haven't had many of my hives swarm, but didn't take note of location of queen cells when they did. Wondering if frames in certain locations in the brood nest are more likely to have queen cells.

    Given that swarm queen cells are usually towards the bottom of the brood nest, has anyone noticed a pattern to the horizontal location in the brood nest? For example, are they more likely on the frames more central to the brood nest or on frames that are more towards the outside of the brood nest?


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    Default Re: Swarm cells - horizontal location in brood nest?

    They will build them anywhere but prefer the bottom because of access. Near the bottom allows room for them to float out larva and extend cell. Also near holes or dents are a good place. Old tuff comb is difficult and time consuming to teardown, new comb is much easier.

    For example if you notch, smash in the comb below larva/eggs, the bees will prefer those cells over others as they have free space to draw down cell.

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