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    Default Re: No Honey in Hive

    I have been feeding for three weeks now and we leave for Florida next Saturday. I am hoping for a really good Pepper flow down there and rapid buildup as happened last year. Despite the fact that corn prices are dropping, HFCS is not.

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    Default Re: No Honey in Hive

    Hive started from early nucs are doing well, but later splits are nearly empty. Goldenrod has been blooming here for awhile, but not seeing that convert to much of a flow. Like everywhere else, lots of rain.
    Adam - Zone 5A

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    Be sure to minimize entrance to what is needed for the traffic.

    Once you start feeding and its that time of the year - survival of the fittest. Robbing can further exasberate your weak hive problems.
    If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got!


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