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    Default Bees won't touch honey super WHY?

    I have had a rough start to this hobby. Last year( early spring) was my 1st, and a few weeks after acquiring a healthy hive a bear tore through it causing them to swarm. Then in late summer of 2012 a spontaneous swarm took shelter in my hive and actually made it through the winter. They are very aggressive bees. I can't even get close to the hive w/o them attacking. Besides that my issue is:

    The hive has been productive. The queen is laying eggs, mostly worker bees, They've made honey on most of the frames in the top of the hive body, but since I've put a medium super on top of that, THEY WON'T TOUCH IT. I've just left it for them to work on, but it's now been a couple months and still all the bee's have done is added some propolis to the edges of the foundation.

    Any information on what I've got going on would be a great help, as I am sort of a rogue beekeeper and don't have any body to share and work with. Also no excluder, and I don feed them unless absolutely have to .

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    Default Re: Bees won't touch honey super WHY?

    Bottom line is that if they don't need the room, they will not expand into new space. I do not know if you still have a fall flow from some asters or goldenrod coming. If you do the bees may need that room. If you can try lifting your hive bodies and get an idea how heavy the hive is. You can rock the hive up on one side and put a piece of plywood a little bigger than the bathroom scale you center on the rocked up edge. Then bring the hive down and rock it up, balancing it on the center of the scale. Take note of the weight. If you have two deep boxes for hive bodies it needs to weigh about 125 pounds. If it is heavier than that, leave the super on and hope for goldenrod bloom. If it is less, take the super off and let the bees pack any additional harvest in their brood chambers. Feed them until they weigh over 125 pounds minimum. Then decide where to get a new milder mannered queen for next spring and order it not long after new year to requeen your colony in the spring.

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