I'm pretty new to beekeeping, and I need some help! I didn't get a second super on my hive soon enough and they swarmed (I saw some queen cells in the hive). So there was a pretty big pile of bees hanging out on my garden box about 5 feet from the hive image.jpg . The numbers dwindled initially, because it rained a few times and I thought they would all just leave, but now I can see they are building comb there. They've been there for a couple weeks, but they have gone through a lot of hardship since they are so exposed. My question is, is it possible for me to put them in a new hive now? How difficult is it? I live in the city, so neighbors are a concern. Or should I just hire someone to take them away? They can't stay there obviously, and I'd like to take advantage of a new colony if I can.