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    I went out a week ago just checking on my hive, though the weather hasnt been the best for beekeeping as of late, raining every day when I get home, I just wlked down to see if the dearth was over because I have seen some blooms of different sorts. When I wlaked up I noticed the drones were already being "evicted" its mid august and still a long time before the cool weather gets here to south Ms was my thoughts. I was able to do a full inspection yesterday and noticed several things: 1) though I started feeding a week ago they havent started drawing comb from the harvest I did 8/1, 2) they were still drone cells capped and uncapped so this got my attention as to why there are drone cells while they were evicting other drones so I started looking for signs of a laying working although they had worker cells both capped and uncapped. and what I found was the 10 frames of honey/nectar and pollen they had stored in the 2 nd deep was mostly depleted and they had started uncapping the frames of honey/nectar they had in the supers.

    therefore I have come to the conclusion: they didnt have the food source to cover the mouths that were eating at this point and queen is still laying with the thought of knowing there is still another flow coming. the comb is not being drawn out yet because they had plenty of area to store nectar/honey.

    does this about sum up that I may be getting the hang of this beekeeping thing?

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    Your observations are astute. It is on the early side for drones to be evicted, but they will be the first to go when a colony senses a decline in food resources. If it were me I would place the supers over the inner cover and scratch the cappings to open the cells. Once the supers are empty of honey I would pull them and start feeding 2:1 syrup and most likely a pollen patty too.


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