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    Default August swarm...need advice

    I'm a 2nd year beek with currently 3 hives, double deeps with medium supers each. 2 new packages this year and one survivor hive from last year. Strong population and capped brood larvae in each which I am pleased with but had alot of rain this year and in a dearth the past 2 weeks but pollen is starting to be brought in with golden rod and aster blooming. Then comes Wed. 08-21-13 with a swarm approx: 2lb which I witnessed from the survivor hive which landed in my orchard and was able to catch in a queen catcher(marked queen) and placed in a nuc box. Friday 08-23-13 I saw the survivor hive swarm again and landed in my apple orchard again, large swarm of probably 8lbs. and didn't locate the queen but they all marched into the super which is packed. I'm in western Pennsylvania and is late in the year and am thinking of a paper combine for these two and let the queens decide who wins, don't want 3 weak hives. Looking for suggestions...Thanks

    P.S. These were easy catches and my first and was pleased with the experience....lucky me I got to work these off the ground.....couldn't ask for anything easier.
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