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    Default moving from nuczto big box

    Started several 5 frame nucs this spring. As they built up I added a second 5 frame( didn't have enoughdeep boxes built yet). Box on top.I have 8- 9 weeks to prepare these forwinter.I have been told I need 55-65 lbs of stores to get a hive through winter. I I tend to feed to build up as much as possible, but what are thought on leaving my nucs a doubles for winter e en though 25 lbs is probably Max stores. Moving to 10 frames boxes would itbe too much for bees to heat orwould that be dead air space. I think I will get some drawn comb but the frames are undrawn at r this point.can I get them to draw enough comb orshould I consider com fining. Iveworked so hardto build w. Ht don't want to lose too much Thoughts, suggestions. Ideas.

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    Default Re: moving from nuczto big box

    I was told that the main problem with stacked nucs was 'blow over' from the wind. I would think that if you tie or staple & stack the hives together it should work. IMHO

    I'm a new beek & we don't have real hard winters here at 2000 ft, so maybe someone closer with more experience could chime in.


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