First year beekeeper, and I had queen trouble. I started with two tbh's and ended with one after one hive failed to successfully requeen and developed laying workers. The other hive also unsuccessfully tried to supercede, but I requeened them myself and then combined the two hives.

The new queen has been laying like mad since early July, and they've built up nicely, but what stores they had accumulated in the back of the hive prior to requeening have disappeared (7-8 completely empty combs), I presume to feed the brood, and there is very little honey stored above the brood nest. Lots of brood, no stores. None.

It is August in Wisconsin and the goldenrod is in full bloom, and that's about the end of the summer flow for us. If I start feeding now, do they even have a chance to survive the winter without any if their own honey?