I currently have vertical Langstroth hives..they look great and the bees seem happy. Downside...lifting the boxes..OK for the young and nimble..not so much for arthritic seniors Currently I have have help but that is not longterm

I may be wrong but browing somewhere I think I saw a concept where somehow one puts Langstroth type boxes side by side rather than on top of one another. Sounds good for me but am uncertain if the bees move through boxes side by side as easily as up and down. Also have no plans for these and quite quite figure how the bees move from box to box as seemed the top opened for access but seemed the boxes were just beside one another...must have been some means of easy access betwen boxes.

I tried searching again but obviously have not got the search string properly worded.

Are any familiar with or using a Langstroth type system that looks like a train rather than a sky scraper?