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    Default Queen excluder in OBH on exhibit

    I recently installed bees into an observation hive at a local children's museum. The hive is nicely made, 5 deep frames below and three up, though the spacing seems a bit wide on the upper stories (abt. 2-1/4 inches). We'll deal with that as needed/able. The bees are to be on display year-round, but will be in a darkened space at night. Here's a pic of the hive before it was set up:


    This OBH has a queen excluder just above the lower five frames, and I had a choice when placing the bees: place the queen below, or above. My initial thought (and what I did) was to place the queen below, where there would be more room and there would be less light. I'm rethinking that decision, mostly because having the queen below limits what can be observed to storage, not broodrearing.

    Can the queen and the colony do well year-round by having the queen excluded to the upper three frames?

    Thanks for your insight,

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    Default Re: Queen excluder in OBH on exhibit

    Since you are having second thoughts yourself, why not remove the excluder and let the bees decide.


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