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    Default Brushy Mountain "Bargain Barn"

    I live several hours away from the Brushy Mountain NC location, but on occasion have business near Greensboro NC, and consequently drive though Wilkesboro NC on the way. The Brushy Mountain facility is a few miles "up the hill" in the country.

    Aside from the retail store that offers the same items/prices that are available in the catalog, there is portable building dubbed the "Bargain Barn" that has odd stock, dented items, odd returns, etc. On a previous visit I found a dented can of Camcote and a honey gate at very deep discounts. I bought these to use with the extractor that I planned to build this winter.

    On this trip I was surprised to find key components of a 21 frame extractor for $125. This consisted of the stainless steel drum, reel and honey gate plus some misc hardware items. Of course, some other components will be needed to make an operating extractor, but my winter extractor project is now much easier!

    While I was there I also noted a couple of uncappers and a working 18 frame extractor in the Bargain Barn. The stock changes regularly, and you never know what will be there when you visit. The discounts vary with the item condition, obviously.

    The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Obviously, they are not there to give away the store, but may be able to work with you.

    Worth stopping by if you can arrange to be in the area!
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    Default Re: Brushy Mountain "Bargain Barn"

    We went to Brushy Mountain's Pennsylvania store to purchase our first hive and equipment this spring. They had a bargain corner that included some "second' hive bodies. Purchased two at 1/2 price and now, 4 months later can not tell which are the 'seconds' and which came with the cottage hive. Nice folks in PA too.

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    Default Re: Brushy Mountain "Bargain Barn"

    Was just at the PA store two weeks ago picking up supplies, they are very helpful people. Being only 50 minutes away, I can see lots more trips in the future.


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