I had a swarm show up on the ground today about 2 pm & I boxed them in a 5 frame nuc with lemon grass oil . About two hours later it looked like more bees kept coming & I found a queen beside the nuc. I got her to run inside & by dark everyone seams to be inside.

Nuc is on the ground & I plan on raising it tomorrow. Should I add an second nuc (I have both deep & Medium) with a frame of brood & stores to anchor them? Or just let them go?

More about this swarm at the end of my "why did they die" post.

Please ask away I think I over researched this Beekeeping.
Six months classes
two gigs internet videos
Bought & red
Beekeeping for Dummies
The Backyard Beekeeper (prints small)
The new Starting Right with bees
Grit's 'Guide to Back Yard Bees & Honey'
The ABC & XYZ of Bee Culture 41st Edition (like reading a dictionary of what you like only)
The Practical Beekeeper volume 1,2 & 3

Could not find anything about swarming on the ground nor it seeming that two swarms came to the same place!