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    Default is this thinking correct?

    If your bees are filling up a super , shouldnt that mean that all your hive bodies are in good shape? I am a new beek , just started this year with 4 hives , all medium 8 frames. all 4 hives have filled 3 mediums full of comb and are in different stages of filling thier 4th boxes . The rabbit brush around here is just starting to bloom and the bees are busy bringing in pollen and I am guessing nectar as well . 2 of the hives look to be almost ready for another super . Not sure if i should add another or not . If i dont add another , at this time of year will that force the bee's to go downward , filling all the empty spaces or is is still a reasonable chance they will swarm . Can/should i leave that 4th super on there this year ( as it is thier first year ) for the winter stores or will the extra area just make it harder to keep warm ? Thanks for any insight.

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    If you add another box of foundation they probably won't move up into it unless you coax them up by moving comb into it - or if they are completely out of space below. I probably would not try to coax them up, but putting another box of foundation on won't hurt anything. Chances are they won't use it but you can take it off after the flow ends if they don't.
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