First year beekeeper
One hive started from a nuc in June.
Drew out most of the frames in a 10 frame deep
I added a 2nd deep 2 weeks ago today. I checkerboarded the boxes

Today I inspected the hive. They have not drawn out the new foundation much at all.
The bees have tons of room.
They have more nectar/capped honey than they had last inspection. I have been feeding 1:1 for a month now.
I did not see much brood, but saw some. Way less than before. I did see some eggs as well, not many though.
I saw the queen.
I also saw 3 queen cells in the middle of some frames. One was capped. The other two were open and dry inside.

Does this mean that my queen is no good any longer? The bees are trying to supercede? Should I leave it be as it is?
Should I destroy the queen cells?
Or are they going to swarm. They have plenty of room, and have never been cramped.

Maybe I added the second deep too early? Should I size them down back to one deep?
Thanks for the help