I have two hives both were installed in May from strong nucs. They are both in double deep hive bodys and both have the upper deep full of 75% capped honey with a medium super on each, no shb or vorra to notice. The north hive has 75% filled the med super during our summer dearth, the south hive have not touched its med super. The south hive is gentle with only a minor irritation of me digging around in them. The north hive is hotter than a fire poker, I mean up in your face hot pelting your veil and suit like a hail storm.

My question is with the south hive. I found no brood to speak of maybe 10% capped brood and very few larva and no eggs to mention. It seemed to have enough bees for its size but not even close to the north hive in numbers. I found 2 supersedure queen cells. This morning the north hive was working its tail off bees flying like a rush hour bringing in stores, the south hive were all sitting on the front porch having coffee and donuts. Our goldenrods are just starting to bloom and this hive is not gonna benefit from them at this pace. Im wondering if they have a virgin queen yet to breed or a lazy queen.

I did not see the queen.

What are your thoughts on the slow or weaker hive. Fire some questions at me if I missed details you need to evaluate more.

Thanks Randy