I switched out several drone frames this afternoon and thought I would take one in the house and open and examine each cell. I got out my magnifier and forceps and started pulling off caps and pulling out the pupae. I was surprised how much liquid was in each cell. Can any one tell me if this is normal? I only found 4 mites on 50 drones that I pulled out. Are they a different color when they start off in the cells or are they the same reddish brown as the adults? Most of my queens are VSH from Honeyland. I read somewhere that the workers open cells that they smell mites in. I looked at several frames of brood and only saw a couple of cells that had holes in them and I did not see any larvae or pupae out of their cells I will probably do a sugar shake in the next few weeks to get a mite count for fall but I am thinking that finding so few mites in the drone cells and so little evidence that the vsh bees had found any problems I am optimistic for the sugar shake.