I posted a while back about a purchased nuc that never got going. It was Queenless and was unable to replace her.

I purchased a new Queen about 10 days ago....she is marked which is a real treat.

I opened the hive today. Very few bees, Queen is present and she is laying...eggs and larvae visible and a wee bit of capped brood. There did not seem to be enough bees to cover where she had laid so expect at least some of her effort will fail.

However now there are absolutely no food stores! The frames are as light as air, empty and dry except where new brood is being laid. They had a gallon of 1:1 syrup and that is all gone. There seems to a lot of bees going in out even though very few inside so I am concerned about robbing. I have closed the entrance down to 1 bee space. No fighting or arguing..just activity. Can't help but wonder if that activity is robbers not householders.

I also gave them a frame of capped brood and associated nurse bees from another hive plus a full frame of honey from yet another hive. There were bees on that as well but expect they will gravitate back to their own home...hopefully they won't take the honey with them.

I put some commercial protein supplement and a hive top feeder above the inner cover. They, or the robbers, rapidly emptied the feeder. The hives adjacent to that hive have their own feeders.

What else can I do do to try and get this group of bees ready to ver winter as a single deep?

Thanks for any suggestions.