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    Default Dominican Republic Langstroth Hives

    Can anyone give me a lead on buying Langstroth Hive parts in the Dominican Republic?

    I am moving to the DR in the next few months and I hope to continue my backyard beekeeping.

    I will need to get some hive parts and I would prefer to get them in the DR.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks, Tom

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    Default Re: Dominican Republic Langstroth Hives

    Inquire in the website It is a forum for foreigners living in the DR, but I doubt there is a beekeeping hardware industry in the DR. Be ready to bring a bunch with your household goods, or make them yourself. I have seen barrel hives, made out of dried palm leaves or tree logs. I have seen, somewhat put together langstroths, but nothing as neatly as the one I have experienced in the US. One peculiar thing that is done in the DR, when a swarm is in the air, is to bang a steel rod on a hollow steel tube to bring down the swarm. Are you planning to keep bees as hobby or commercially in DR?

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