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    Ok, drones are half of the equation. What or how is the best way to rear good drones? Strong gives? Through feeding, should these hives get pollen substitute and syrup? Should something extra be added to the feed? A hive identified for traits you want passed on, should drone frames be placed in to try and saturate with those drones. A queen can only lay so many drone eggs correct? Should one try to use a couple of hives to saturate the DCA?

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    1) Raise a large apiary. 2) Habitually eliminate drones from colonies with undesirable traits (use a fork, check for mites while you're at it), and re-queen them with queens from bloodlines with desirable qualities. 3) As you get larger (~100 to 150 colonies), change from communal open-mating yards to isolated open-mating yards flooded with your own drone colonies placed about 1/2 to 1 1/4 mile (~1 to 2 km) around your mating nucleus yard. 4) Encourage drone production by increasing the amount of drone comb in drone-mother colonies. 5) Try to keep at least 4 times as many drone mother colonies as mating colonies, more is better.

    Good feeding, IPM, strong colonies are good beekeeping practices, and should be done unto drone, queen, and production colonies. As seen from the link to the New South Wales, Australia publication provided by Mbeck above, feeding drone colonies pollen and pollen substitute every 3 to 5 days is critical, and strong colonies with second-year queens produce far more drones than weaker or younger colonies.

    I hope this helps.
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