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    Default Moving a queen cup

    I have a queen cup finished in a Nicot system I need to move to a hive 45 minutes away, what is the best way to transport the finished queen cup before she emerges?

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    Default Re: Moving a queen cup

    I just put them in a shirt breast pocket and wear a light jacket over. Button the pocket so she doesn't roll out when you go to pick something up or tie your shoe.

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    Default Re: Moving a queen cup

    Concerns are temperarue, humidity & physical shock.
    I once moved a frame of brood & eggs in an ice chest over hot damp towels, I had a thermometer in there too. It must have been early spring.
    Yesterday, I moved a queen cell (30 minutes over back roads), just placed it in a (home made ) queen marking tube so i would not crush her,. I would have put her in my shirt pocket to keep her warm, but I was only wearing a t-shirt. I put her on the seat with my hat over her to make sure she didn't get too much sun, & I did not run the air conditioner. ( 80 degree out door temp)

    I am not that familiar with the nicot system ... perhaps in a small box, or something with a few bees to keep her warm or cooled as they see fit?
    Good Luck ... CE
    Started summer of 2013, just another new guy, tinkering with bees.


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