I like that guys comments but want to understand something.

He states that clipping a queen doesn't prevent swarming as the bees will just wait for a virgin and run off with her instead anyway. (Paraphrase)

My question is, isn't it still a strong benefit to clipping a queen? I mean, if you're going to have a queen depart, wouldn't you rather have an instantly viable hive with your mated queen ready to go instead of losing ( potentially if you can't capture) your mated queen AND your bees, you'd just lose your bees?

It seems like clipping would save at least 28 days of precious productivity at minimum, maybe 38 days maximum, until a Virginia hatches, breeds and gets laying?

I don't clip currently but this seems like a sound reason to clip.

This year I started two hives. At present I have 3 hives. NONE of my purchased queens are with me anymore because they all got rolled or swarmed. Hence, this clipping would seem to have helped me get a modest harvest instead of none because I'd have gained another month of hive productivity.