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I treat when I see mites either on the bees on in drone brood. I start checking in early August. I just open up some capped drone brood and look. That's my clue to treat or not. I've made a metal slide-in bottom from sheet metal (think what they use for heating ducts) for use in my scbb hives to keep the vapors inside. (I don't use the insert on the SoBB hives) Insert the vaporizer on it and and add two grams of OA (about 1/2 teaspoonful) to the vaporizer from Heilyser, connect the battery and vaporize. Directions are included with the vaporizer and there are lots of posts here regarding it. Do the vaporization 3 weeks in a row & you're set.
Mines on the way and i'll be vaporizing this week and then i'll see how many mites drop i'm sure the bees will be happy . I'm droping abut 20 a day right now and that up 4x since last week just crazy. glad I have been watching .snl you where right about the fogging not working very well right now was great till first week of AUG. guess that's when things get mitey . I lost all my year old hives{5} last year and 9 more hives by spring so I been trying fogging and now i'm going with OA for the next 3 weeks . My oxalic acid vaporizer should be here buy WED. hope for the best.