I have 2 hives: one with 4 mediums but one is empty, so 3 mediums.

One with 6 mediums.

I did a full inspection today and saw both queens.

The 3 medium hive has a lot of empty space - some honey, capped brood, larvae on several frames, but nothing to write home about. This was a weak overwintered hive that I requeened with Russian in late June. It hasn't revved up as much as I hoped it would. 2 weeks ago I swapped a frame full of capped brood and a couple honey frames into there.

The 6 medium hive is crazy productive. Many frames of capped/uncapped honey, full capped brood, larvae, you name it, it has it.

Winter bee laying will come soon.

Pollen is coming in.

So. I will need to swap more honey and I think more brood into the weaker hive, in order to make it thru winter. Since I just swapped some brood and some honey 2 weeks ago, I'm wondering when to time another swap. I don't want to weaken the strong hive, altho it seems they have enough for 2 hives in there.

Should I hurry and do all the swapping now before August is over, to give them time to work while it's warm, or give it another few weeks and see how everyone is doing?

Also, I'd feed the weak hive syrup to try to jump start it, but I'm paranoid of robbing, esp. this time of year. Right?