Sorry if the answers to these are somewhere on the site, I could not find them.

I am planning on placing apiguard trays in my hives today but I am also wanting to place the extracted frames of supers on the hive as well for the bees to clean up. Is it bad to do both at the same time?

Should I place my reducer in the bottom entrance? If so, should I place it with the 1 inch or 4 inch opening for the bees to use? It is suppose to be in the mid 80's all week here and I am afraid the bees will swarm if too hot/congested.

Should a piece of sheeting be slid into the bottom of my screened bottom board to keep vapors in? Is so, should the rear opening be taped shut as well to restrict vapors from escaping out the back slot?

Is it okay to place the apiguard tray in between the 2 deep hive bodies and not use a shim or super? I was told placing the apiguard in between the hive bodies will give the bees good access to the treatment. I would just need to bend a corner of the foil tray to give the bees access to the gel. Thanks a lot, juzzerbee