Currently I only have one hive, but instead of just having a boring plain white paint job, I decided to make it Doctor Who themed. Hence, the Tardis Beehive was born.

I'm wanting to do other theme hives once this one is strong enough to split next year. I've decided that I want it to be themed for my favorite holiday, Halloween, but I can't decide exactly what to do with it. Would be two deeps and two supers tall when in full swing, like the Tardis up there, and the first inclination is that at least one of the deeps needs to be a jack-o-lantern. Would look weird to have stacked jacks though, so maybe the first deep could be green with vines painted on it, second deep could be the jack-o-lantern, and then have starry skies or clouds on the supers. Maybe a tree limb with turned foliage for the top super?

Only thing that is limiting me is that I obviously can't paint any significant part of the hive black, seeing as I do live down here in the south and I know what its like getting into a black car parked in the sun, no way I'm doing that to the bees.