I went to a nursery/garden store/orchard today. They have lots of plants outside..gardens, etc. blossoms everywhere. They also have 1 beehive. The one plant that the honeybees heavily favored over every other plant was mountain mint....Pycnanthemum. It was incredible....a patch that was 10 ft by 10 ft must have had a 1000 bees on it.....I tried to buy some of this mountain mint and their was none for sale...ugh....Sooooooooooo, I went to the manager and said we have to work something out here....you guys need to thin out that mountain mint and I need to get some for my bees...Let's make a deal. She was hesitant but I persisted. I will pay you $10 for a 10 in pot of it. Sure enough she sent her assistant out with a shovel and I got my mountain mint. I was thrilled and she had her 10 dollars plus tax... Brown's Orchard in Loganville, Pa.

Mike Adams