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Daniel Y, thank you for the pointers!

Here is a picture of mine.
Not to nit pick but to help you get a better photo. You actually have the basket in focus. the flowers a tiny bit less in focus and the Honey, the very thing you want a photos of is out of focus. The biggest problem with that is that the eye is drawn to the object in sharpest focus. You sort of ended up with a really good photo of a basket except a jar of honey got in the way. Also the white space in the upper left is just enough to be detracting. move the basket a little to the left to reduce that space. move the honey jar about half a jar width to the right. now if you put lines on that photo cutting it into thirds. put that honey jar on the line to the right and take the photo again. this time make sure the jar is the sharpest object in focus. Also the light on the jar is harsh. you fix that by defusing light or making it scatter. you want light that is passing through something like a sheet of white paper. some thin white cloth or something. and don't use the flash from the camera. that causes straight at the object light that flattens it out and bounces light straight back to the camera. Hince my tip to just take photos outdoors on a cloudy day. Perfectly defused light with the full spectrum of color. Indoor lighting never has the full rainbow of color in it. Very nice set up, good use of color textures. The challenge here is to make the jar of honey the single item in the photo that stands out. Think of the bride at a large formal wedding. there is a whole lot going on in that church. but when she walks in. nothing compares.

Again I am not trying to pick it apart. You have a great start here. With a bit of touch up it can get better.