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    Does anyone know where to purchase a long handled rubber spatula to scrape down the sides of my honey bottling tanks. Walter Kelly has one in their catalog but it looks to be all plastic and not rubber ended. I have looked around in the commercial restaurant supply stores but haven't been able to find one. Something with a 36" handle would be ideal. I know I could make something up but would rather purchase.
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    Longest one I could find is about 15-16 inches long, came from a commercial restaurant supply. Do not remember the name of the place.

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    Purchase a plastic window squeegee. Roughly $4....
    dip the head into heated cooking oil, to soften the plastic and then bend against the side of your tank to get a perfect fit -- assuming that you want to push the head down the side of the tank.

    Personally, I just use the straight edge with the stiff rubber and go around the tank. You get 99% of the honey in a vertical line and it slides to the bottom.

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    Check out I found several options when I searched for 'scraper'.
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