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Thread: Uncappers?

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    Default Uncappers?

    So I'm looking for an uncapper. I like the idea of the sideliner from brushy but I'm not sold on the idea.
    I also like the Maxant but its a bit price.

    What other options our out there?
    Who else makes uncappers?

    I'm looking for something that would be good on the budget but get the job done other than a hand knife.

    Even used would be great!

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    Default Re: Uncappers?

    Everyone wants to make uncapping easier on themselves, me included, but you have to decide at what point it makes financial sense to upgrade from a scratcher or knife to something else. I have heard of people uncapping with scratchers and cold knives that have over 500 hives. Hey, if you got lots of money laying around and only 25 hives, and spending $3000 on an automatic uncapper is a drop in the bucket for you, have some fun.

    The sideline uncapper looks like it would work good to me from the video, although you don't get any wax cappings from it, so if you really want wax for making candles, etc. that might not be what you want. I also wonder what happens when you crank a really thick comb of honey through it, like when you only use 8 frames in a super, do the rollers somehow adjust to the thickness of the comb, or does it just crush it all down and screw up the wax cells badly, I don't know that answer, maybe someone out there does. Anyway, I think the sideliner would be a good choice for someone who has between 30 and maybe up to 150 hives, JMO.


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