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Mrch, that's the data which is good, but sometimes it seems this thread they only want pics.
Since I am the OP and I asked the question....Look at the title to the thread..."Products like" I don't know or care at the moment who's product is best. I came back to beekeeping last year from being out of it for over 20 years...20 years ago I never fed a pollen substitute, I never had a nuc. I split hives and they raise a queen and did fine. I have some now that are a little slow and I was just curious to see it this "TYPE" of product works. If you say your product works to aid in brood rearing in the fall as I asked, then Great! If Lauri says the product that she uses works, then that is Great too!
This thread was not made to start a war, but I make no apologies, it does answer my question even though you tried to go through some round about back door to say that this"type" product works. You simply could have said "Yes, these product do work but I like XYZ brand better than Mann Lake", then you could have posted your reasons, and you would not have looked like a villain or a politician, or bonehead, or whatever else anyone thinks of you.

My question has been answers and could have been answered without all of the grade school drama of people trying to sound like something they are not.