I tend to be perhaps too scientific in whatever I get involved with so naturally I looked at a days' deposit on a sticky board (actually a piece of 5" wide masking tape) under a stereo microscope. No mites- that was a primary concern. One dead larvae. Two tiny snails 0.050" long. The thing of concern is the high presence of what appear to be light brown rice grains made up of three segments, kind of like three balls stuck together. The three segments total about 0.024" long by 0.008" diameter (0.610mm x .203mm). One of these things was made up of 10 segments. They are not alive and at x450 show nothing but transparency.

Does anyone know what I'm looking at? Bee poop? Poop from something nasty? Or should I just ignore it and put my microscope away?

North NJ, Alt. 385'