My friends,

I know that i haven't been on in a while--I even left my beekeeping channel up in the air. But after over a year of tests and medications and all that rot the doctors have determined that that I have a form or Psoriatic Arthritis that for some odd reason reacts negatively to sunlight. Normally Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patients do well with sunlight and UV light but for me it flares everything up if I am out in it for more than 20 minutes. It's sad really but while I love beekeeping I won't be able to continue. I will finish up my channel with some how to's but other than that I am going to leave it up for any beginner to watch.

I truly appreciate all the advice I got from here and I hope everyone the best. I will be selling some of my stuff on Ebay so if you want the bee suit then just PM and I will direct you. Believe me and ultrabreeze suit is an awesome beekeeping suit.

Take care all.