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    I checked my hives a couple weeks ago and at that time they had what seemed to be an adequate supply of capped honey. It has been a very wet summer in Piedmont North Carolina with fairly heavy rain usually in evening showers every few days. There has seldom been over 2-3 days of dry weather. I have read that dry weather is worse than wet weather??? The bees are really starting to hit the hummingbird feeders now. I assume this is a sign that other sources of food are limited? All hives have a heavy amount of bees bearding on the front of the hives each evening. How would putting robbing screens on the hives affect the bearding? So far I haven't had any robbing as far as I can tell -- here again I work during the day and am concerned that it could start while I am at work and alot of damage could be done before I catch it. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks.

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    It's certainly easier to avoid robbing than to stop it. But all you really usually need to do with most hives is restrict the entrance with some screen wire, rather than a wood "reducer". This will limit what they have to guard while confusing any robbers.
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