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    Default Disappearing swarm

    About 10 days ago a friend called me to retrieve a swarm in their back yard 6-7 miles from my bee yard. It was close to noon and I indicated it'd be about 4pm before I arrived which was OK. I arrived on schedule for one of my easiest swarm captures ever. They were hanging on the cross brace of a fence 3' off the ground,10 min and they were in the hive body. I left it sitting on a fence post until dark and then picked it up moving it to my bee yard. I was by there 3-4 days later looking inside with all appearing as it should. I went by today and noticed no activity discovering this swarm had up and left this hive. I had provided 4 drawn frames with the balance in new foundation.
    I've caught 30 or so swarms over the last 20 years with this being a first for me. My question is; Why did this happen?


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    Default Re: Disappearing swarm

    It sounds like they absconded.

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    An old beekeeper that I help with hives has always told me, "Bees do what they want, where they want, when they want and they don't ask me a thing about it."

    Giving a swarm a frame of brood may help, but they will pretty much do what they want. I'm surprised to hear that this is the first time in 20 years they left on you. Hope your next 20 years goes as well...but don't count on it.

    --- marty ---


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