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    Default Queen cells encased in comb and honey?

    One bar of my last graft is encased in nectar the cells are capped will they hatch as usual or are the done for.
    Devlin Wilde
    Zone 7a 2600 ft in WNC

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    Default Re: Queen cells encased in comb and honey?

    What day are they on..were they already capped before they were encased? Is the encasement excessive? Usually the cap part is not encased in honey, so she can get out. The rest of the queen cell often gets buried in lots of comb.

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    Default Re: Queen cells encased in comb and honey?

    Cut the comb off them before they emerge and they should be fine. To prevent this only feed the cell builder until they are capped, put a follower bar 1 3/4 inch below your grafts, and keep your cells tight together so there is no extra space for burr comb.

    I use a 3 bar cell frame and use the top 2 rows (15 per row for 30 grafts) and use the bottom bar just as a follower. I have almost no burr comb except on the end cells.

    Hope this helps,
    Dan Williams


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