I got a call for a swarm tonight and after getting there about an hour before sunset I found a large swarm about 2 feet from the ground wrapped solidly around a young pine tree with a 2 inch diameter trunk. It was a decorative tree so I couldn't cut anything so I wrapped a drop cloth around the base of the tree and scooped as many bees into the swarm box as I could. I got 1/2 to 2/3rds in the box and put the lid on with the opening about 2 feet away from the remaining cluster. Bees began clustering around the box opening and started fanning so I'm fairly certain I got the queen. I spent about an hour brushing and encouraging the remaining cluster as much as possible but the pine needles worked like velcro and it was too windy to smoke with any real purpose. I left the box there for the night with about half the remaining cluster on the drop cloth and the other half bound up in the grass and lower tree branches. How soon should I expect the remaining bees to make their way (hopefully) to the swarm box? Will they crawl over there during the night or will they remain clustered until they get some sun on mid morning? The location is a bit of a hike so I don't want to have to go back more than once if I don't have to. Suggestions?