At my in-laws and they have a swarm in the wall. It is a two story house and there is normal brick around the first floor. It is cedar type panel above that and the bees are entering where the panel meets the brick.

About two weeks ago I looked, and the bees were entering only in one place. There is now a second location about 10 feet down the wall. He is a good carpenter and I cannot figure out how they moved across something like 6 or 7 studs and now exiting in a new site.

Does this sound like a new hive or is this thing that big?

Second. with standard house building bricks, will bee make comb in those small 1 or so diameter holes in the middle.

We have some other major repairs planned for September, and between now and then I don't think I have time to tear into the wall and repair it. Like I said he is a great carpenter but 75 and just cannot do the repairs himself.

And these are some bees with attitude, walked across the yard towards the edge of the house and at about 6 feet, bang one loved me to death without as much as a head butt hello. But it was thundering and very cloudy, so I expect them to be grumpy. Hauling in pollen like crazy. I put on my suit and veil to get a closer look.

Any ideas how to see if I am going to need to have two hives ready.