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    Default Seeing eggs but no brood...3 week old swarm

    I installed a swarm in my first top bar hive roughly 3 weeks ago. Checked on them today to find about 6 partially drawn comb with lots of honey. There are cells with pollen and eggs are visible. However I'm not seeing any capped brood or larva and some of the cells have more than one egg. There are also a few queen cells (I think I counted 2-3 and one is visible on the left in the first photo.) I couldn't find a queen but I'm also not good at finding her yet either. My first thought was that I'm simply expecting brood too soon but that doesn't explain the queen cells I'm seeing (if they are queen cells.) Could it be they had a queen, lost her, and now they are trying to raise a new one or do I simply have a laying worker on my hands? Any suggestions?
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