I've got two hives started from packages this year, one's doing great, tons of bees, lots of honey, looking really strong, the other never really took off, I think they were queenless for a while, then (maybe) had a queen for a little while (I suspect the superseded the package queen), but they are now clearly qeenless and have been so for at least an entire brood cycle (no brood except a few drones).

My main question is what to do with the few bees and comb that remain, should I just plop them into the other hive? Anything I should be worried about while doing that? It seems unlikely that it would cause any real problems, the stronger hive is SO much stronger and has SO many more bees. Maybe I should just brush off the few remaining bees and donate the drawn out comb to the other hive?

There's maybe 3 halfway drawn bars of comb and one full bar of comb. Probably if all the bees got on one comb they might make up a single full bar of bees. The strong hive has at least a dozen full bars of bees+comb