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    Default Adding super and moving top entrance up question

    I've got a hive with a super that is approximately 80% drawn and filled but 0% capped. It is loaded with bees, as are the two deep brood boxes below. Should I add another super now or wait until its capped? Also, I run my inner cover with the notch down for an upper entrance. Are there any issues for the bees with moving the upper entrance up? I've seen hives with holes drilled in the supers - should I be doing this? Thanks

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    Default Re: Adding super and moving top entrance up question

    How strong is the nectar flow in your area and how long will it last? If the flow is strong and continuing you will need a super or you will miss much of your surplus crop. If the flow is winding down just make sure the filled comb is to the sides and the partially filled is in the middle of the box and forget the second super.

    If you will offset the first honey super above the brood nest to the rear about 1/4 in. you will create an upper entrance for the foragers that remains in the same location when supers are added. I am not a fan of holes in my boxes, I did it when I first stared keeping bees but then I learned a better way.

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    Default Re: Adding super and moving top entrance up question

    I'm here in Michigan also, and my suggestion would be to not put on another super and let them finish the one they are working on because the main flow is about over. You really don't have to worry about swarming as much at this time of year, yes it can happen though if they are overcrowded for a long period even into fall. Hopefully they will get everything capped pretty soon and you can remove and extract it and get it back on for the fall flow.


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