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    Quote Originally Posted by Kilted Beekeeper View Post
    After seeing the home, I hope you charged extra for all the custom fittings!!

    You know what? They were great people and kicked-in extra than what was agreed upon.

    My wife was happy about that. (Honeybee removals and top bar hives)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Bush View Post
    >How are those hives with the entrance holes in the middle working out? I've always heard that wasn't a good idea.

    In a mild climate (such as Phil's) entrances in the middle will work fine. In a cold climate with a break in the middle of winter somewhere, it still might work fine. But if you get a brood nest in the center, honey on both ends, and no break in the weather for the cluster to break and reorganize, the cluster can end up at one end starving with stores at the other end...
    Hi Michael,

    as a regular member of Biobes forum I will try to post few pointers about Phil's central entrance design;

    Since bees place stores on both sides of the brood nest Phil rearange the stores before winter - moving all honey comb to one side of the nest.

    That said, Phil is changing his design now to end-side-wall entrance with a periscope and a deep litter floor.

    Phil's central holes design works extremely well in our wet cold swedish climate. Down to -27 C !

    That said my own TBHs have only one top entrance hole which is 30 mm in diameter and is placed at the end of the side wall.
    I have solid floors and windows on 2 hives only (not enough reused glass).

    So far I tested periscope and top entrance with good results; colonies overwintered an exremly long and cold last winter.

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